Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm a Bloggy Girl in my Bloggy World!! (yes Im singing in my Barbie voice)

Welcome and Happy Tuesday! So if you don't mind I need to a do a little venting. So today after my interview for a part-time position for an adjunct professor in ECE at a local community college (which I got btw yayy!!) I decided to go to Lowes so that I can get my supplies  to make my  teacher toolbox in time for Monday Made It (so excited) so I had to make a copy of a key (which I was supposed to do a looong time ago and thats why I nicknamed myself Last Minute Lori..it explains a lot!. )So I went to the Minute Key Kiosk to get the key made. I stood behind a lady who made about 10 keys (ugh!) Finally after what seemed like forever, its finally my turn. I put my key in the machine just for it to say "sorry we cant copy your key please go to the service desk". Ugh! ok whatever! I go to the service desk and waited annoyingly  patiently for what seemed like eternity (while doing the bathroom dance) behind another guy who makes like another 10 copies of random keys that he had to sort, check and ask a million and one questions.  Finally it's  my turn...The lady takes my key put it in the machine and then says "sorry we ran out of your type of key" Really?!? What in the fudgecicle?!?(excuse my language) !! Hate those moments..lol Thanks for listening and I hope your Tuesday is going much smoother!


  1. It must be a double cut or master key. I have one that can't be copied.. so frustrating.

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Head over to my blog to read more about it.

    Renee J

    Growing a Teacher