Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hi Bloggy Friends!

 So Im winding down on the B2S shopping. I went to Target the other day to purchase some things. I ended up with a cart full of school things and a tank top for me. While at the cash register I realized that I went over my budget and told the cashier to take the tank top off. She felt so bad that I was buying things for the children and nothing for myself. Well, she convinced me to sign up for the Target card where you get 10% off of all purchases so I was able to get my tank top with the money that I saved. Is it ok to go crazy with buying for your classroom? I know some teachers that do not hardly buy anything for their classroom. I just love having everything that I need for my room and I love all of the new cute designs and fancy stuff. I thought that was in a teachers DNA. What is your take on excessive back to school shopping? How do you get everything that you want and still have money left to buy yourself a shirt?

 Speaking of B2S shopping check out this deal that I got from Goodwill.
                  Table top dry erase easel for 2.99 and dry erase crayons for 1.99
Can't wait to hear from you!Lori


  1. You're lucky! We only get 5% off of every purchase with the Target Card here in Illinois! I'm jealous!

    The Very Busy Resource Teacher

  2. Hello! We have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Visit our blog to accept =)
    ~lisa and tina
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