Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whew! Its been a while...

Awe! I miss blogging. I've started working and its just been soooo crazy! The children didn't even start yet and I'm drained. There were a lot of changes made this year in your school including transitioning to the Common Core so its been training after training. I am anxious about this school year. I need to have a good year especially when its comes to the state test. Last year my class results were horrible!. The pressure of it all! How are you feeling about this school year?



  1. We are getting ready to start our 3rd full week of school. I'm still not fully in the swing of things, but I'm almost there! I feel like there are so many procedures to go over with that I like to introduce a few at a time. What books are you using for reading and math? We use Go Math and are looking to adopt Scott Foresman for reading.

    Growing a Teacher

    1. Currently we are using Harcourt for Math and Literacy. We are transitioning to common core this year. Are you using common core yet?